Perspective Homeowners

  • Please review our Bylaws, Covenants and DeclarationThese are important legal documents that all homeowners are expected to adhere to.
  • Not all homes in the “Meadows” development are members of the Meadows Homeowners Association. Our Association comprises all homes completed in the final phase of the Meadows development, including all homes on Briar Patch Drive, Teaberry Drive and Crabapple Way as well as the upper portions of Fieldstone Drive (odd numbers from 117 – 153; even numbers from 130 – 174), and Goldenrod (26-47). Six properties along Bernheisel Bridge Road (415, 427-435) complete the list of homeowners.
  • Homes in the second phase of the development (lower Fieldstone and side streets) are represented by the Meadows East Association.
  • Original homes on Wheatfield Drive and the lower parts of Goldenrod are not covered by either association.
Attention Realtors
  •  Please include the yearly MHOA dues payment of $65 as part of the closing costs involved in any MHOA property. This means to prorate, if necessary, the payment depending upon the selling date. Use 1 May as the beginning of the new dues year for pro-rating purposes.
  • Also, don’t forget to include the $100 payment required, in addition to the dues, as part of the closing costs for new homeowners.
  • Resale certificates are to be requested by e-mailing and we will get back to you shortly.